Entry #2

Bitcoin to 100k soon.

2017-12-07 01:06:19 by finicalpricklez

​Bitcoin to 100k soon.


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2017-12-07 08:33:47

no pls


2017-12-07 07:06:23

my coworker checks this constantly and tells me how high it goes.... 10k! 12k! 13k!

i'm like dude, that's great but idgaf. i really don't need a play-by-play of this. unless you owned 1 full bitcoin (or several) this isn't that exciting. owning $25 in bitcoins is like a fraction of a percentage of a bitcoin. even if you quadrupled your money you're only making $100. not that exciting.

sorry for the rant. that dude gets on my nerves sometimes. i'm sure you are a very nice person :)


2017-12-07 01:20:26

100K USD or...?


2017-12-07 01:36:58

Ever go to http://www.zerohedge.com/ (use ad blocker)? Guess if you're an early investor in something like that, adding zeros to the figures is a damn good thing. Gonna have to ask my buddies how their BC is doing... maybe send Xmas cards too